LAMB: Late-Antique, Medieval & Byzantine Workshop

Mark your calendars for the following dates for the Late-Antique, Medieval & Byzantine workshop.

Spring 2018, Mondays, 4:30-6:00PM, Dickinson 210:

  • February 19: David Gyllenhaal,  "Late Antique, Medieval, and Byzantine Workshop - 'A City Great and Populous': Byzantine Melitene and the Imperial Milieu of the Syriac Renaissance"
  • March 5: Miriam Salzmann, "(Re)constructing aristocratic religious identities on fifteenth-century Cyprus"
  • March 12: Hollis Shaul, "Making Monastic Property Royal: Grants of Protection, Legibility and Resistance in the Carthusian Countryside"

Fall 2017, Monday, 4:30-6:00PM:

  • September 15: David Gyllenhaal, "A City Great and Populous": Byzantine Melitene and the Imperial Milieu of the Syriac Renaissance"
  • October 2: Walter Beers, "Bloody Juvenilia: The Murder of Hypatia and the Beginnings of Cyril of Alexandria’s Episcopate”

Spring 2017, Mondays, 4:30-6:00PM:

  • February 6: Joe Snyder, "Food and Chivalry in Thirteenth-Century England” 
  • March 6: Ariana Myers, "Opportunism and (Dis)honor: Apostasy and Infamy in the Thirteenth-Century Conquest of Majorca”
  • April 3: Randall Pippenger, "Regencies and the Exercise of Female Lordship during the Crusades”
  • May 1: Eric Medawar, “Anti-Image Attitudes in Umayyad Syria and Byzantium: The Caliphal and Imperial Origins of Iconophobia Reconsidered”

Fall 2016, Mondays, 4:30-6:00PM:

  • October 3: Ian Ward, "The End of the Carolingian Oath of Loyalty, c. 900-986"
  • November 7: Hollis Dvorkin, "'Ex paterna largicione concessa': The Case for the Carthusians and Angevin Devotional Memory in Thirteenth- and Fourteenth-Century Provence"
  • December 5: David Gyllenhaal, "The New Josiah:  Heraclian Ideology and the Deuteronomistic History"

Spring Semester 2016:

  • February 22: Lee Mordechai, "'Too Many Kings Can Ruin a Country': Negotiating Rulership in the Eleventh-Century Eastern Roman Empire"
  • March 28: Merle Eisenberg, "An Unremarkable Bishop: Valerian of Cimiez’s Sermons to his Community in Fifth-Century Gaul"
  • April 18: Jan van Doren, "De Divortio et de Resignatione:  a Case of Carolingian Jurisprudence"
  • May 2: Randall Pippenger,  ‘Dying for the Cross: The Social Ramifications of Crusader Deaths"

Fall Semester 2015:

  • September 28: Alex Petkas, "The Ruling Hall of the Earth: Philosophy, Politics and Patriotism [in the life and writings of Synesius of Cyrene]
  • October 27: Andrew Collings, "To Inquire is to Govern: Royal Enquêtes and Reform in the Vermandois, 1254-1262"
  • November 20: Molly Lester, "Doubtful Distinctions: Heresy, Orthodoxy, and Religious Practice in Sixth-Century Iberia"