Peter R. Brown Prize

The CSLA welcomes submissions for the Peter R. Brown Prize, which is awarded annually to the best graduate student essay on any subject relating to the study of Late Antiquity. The prize consists of a cash award of $1000.

Princeton graduate students from all departments are welcome to apply.

How to apply
Essays should be less than 9000 words (including footnotes) and submitted double-spaced. 

Please include your name, department, and year of program on the title page and in the file document (as follows: last name -first name - title of paper). 

The deadline for submission is Thursday, June 13, 2024.

Please send submissions to Helen (Eleni) Banis .


2023 - Emily Chesley (History)

"Gendered Responses to Military Violence in Late Antique Mesopotamia: A View from Syriac Sermons"

2022 - Yitz Landes (Religion)

"The Rise of the Jewish Patriarchate and the Dissemination of Rabbinic Literature"

2021 - Walter Beers (History)

"A Miaphysite Subalternity? John of Ephesus, the Jafnids, and the Villages of the Ḥawrān"

2020 - Joe Glynias (History) and Omri Matarasso (History)

Joe Glynias - “Byzantine Monasticism on the Black Mountain west of Antioch in the 10th-11th centuries”

Omri Matarasso - “Making Sense of a Mediterranean Controversy in Byzantine North Africa: The Collectio Sichardiana and Justinian’s Condemnation of the ‘Three Chapters’”

2019 - Lucas McMahon (History)

"Communication in the Exarchate of Ravenna"

2018 - Alyssa Cady (Religion) and Merle Eisenberg (History)

Alyssa Cady - "If Not with Deeds, Then with Words: Immortality and Speech in the Works of Prudentius"
Merle Eisenberg - "A New Name for a New State: The Construction of the Burgundian Regio"

2017 - Lee Mordechai (History)

"Antioch in the Sixth Century: Resilience or Vulnerability?"

2016 - Mark Letteney (Religion)

“Authenticity and Authority: The Case for Dismantling a Dubious Correlation”

2015 - Jessica Wright (Classics)

“Between Despondency and the Demon: Diagnosing and Treating Spiritual Disorders in John Chrysostom’s Letter to Stageirios”