Summer Fellowships

Graduate Student Summer Fellowships 2018

  • Lorenzo Bondioli, History, G4 - Travel to Beirut to study Arabic and Syro-Lebanese dialect at Saifi Institute for Arabic Language.
  • Alyssa Cady, Religion, G2 - Travel to New York to study Intro to Coding at First Step Coding.
  • Djair Dias Filho, Religion, G1 - Travel to Rome to study Latin and Greek at Accademia Vivarium Novun’s Living Latin and Greek summer school.
  • Elena Dugan, Religion, G3 - Travel to Spain and Morocco to study Classical and Medieval Arabic.
  • Jonathan Henry, Religion, G4 - Travel to Europe and North Africa to research exorcist ritual texts and material remains.
  • Yitz Landes, Religion, G2 - Travel to the UK to work on the Mishnaic manuscripts in the Cambridge University Library.
  • Mark Letteney, Religion, G4 - Travel to Israel for excavation.
  • Eric Medawar, History, G2 - Travel to Lebanon for independent research of manuscript collections in Kaslik (Université Saint-Esprit de Kaslik), Balamand (Our Lady of Balamand Monastery; Institute for Antiochian Orthodox Heritage), and Beirut (Near East School of Theology; Université Saint-Joseph)


Graduate Student Summer Fellowships 2017

  • Waler Beers, History, G – Travel to London to visit the British library for study and research on Syriac manuscripts and texts.
  • Thomas Benfey, Near Eastern Studies, G3 – Travel to Berlin for language study and research of New Persian and interact with Prominent Persian speaking scholars of Sasanian and early Islamic Iran at Freie Universität.
  • AJ Berkovitz,, Religion, G5 – Travel to Israel to present a paper and for study and research at Hebrew University.
  • Lorenzo Bondioli, History, G2  – Travel to Lebanon to attend an Arabic Summer program at the Institut français du Proche-Orient (IFPO).
  • Alyssa Cady, Religion, G1 – Travel abroad to attend summer language programs on Biblical Hebrew and German at Pontifical University of the Holy Cross (Polis Institute at Rome) and University of Heidelberg.
  • Richard Calis, History, G3 – Travel to Amsterdam for independent research on the private archive of Martin Crusius.
  • Joe Glynias,  History, G2  – Travel to Greece to attend the Gennadius Library Medieval Greek Summer Session and the International Summer School for Greek Language, History and Culture by the Institute for Balkan Studies.
  • Sooji Han, East Asian Studies, G3 – Travel to Vienna for study and research under the visiting Ph.D. students program at the University of Vienna.
  • Jonathan Henry, Religion, G3 – Travel to Germany to attend the International Conference in Berlin and to Italy work with material culture.
  • Mark Letteney, Religion, G3 – Travel to Israel for excavation of the Roman 6th Legion.


Graduate Student Summer Fellowships 2016

  • AJ Berkovitz, Religion 'G5 - Summer conference in Cambridge, England and Geniza research; summer institute in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Hebrew University Microfilm Lab and dissertation.
  • Lorenzo Bondioli, History 'G2 - Classical Arabic summer course, Qasid Language Center, Amman, Jordan.
  • Merle Eisenberg, History 'G4 - To study economics and manuscripts of late antiquity in Italy, and France.
  • Sooji Han, East Asian Studies 'G2 - To study early medieval ethnography in Austria, and attend a conference on same in Budapest, Hungary.
  • Jonathan Henry, Religion 'G2 - Travel to Europe for conference participation and material research, Germany and Italy.
  • Mark Letteney, Religion 'G2 - Field staff for Jezreel Valley Regional Project Survey in Israel.
  • Madeline McMahon, History 'G1 - Language study to prepare for dissertation, Bologna, Italy.
  • Lee Mordechai, History 'G5 - Greece, southern Italy, Israel, and Servia.
  • Justin Willson, Art and Archaeology 'G1 - Mt. Menoikeion and Byzantine Art of Thessaloniki, Greece


Graduate Student Summer Fellowships 2015

  • Skyler Anderson, History 'G1 - Excavation in the Mediterranean, and course study in Byzantine Greek and Modern Greek language
  • Walter Beers, History 'G1 - Arabic course at the University of Pennsylvania and graduate summer seminar in Istanbul, Research Center for Anatolian Civilizations RCAC, "Istanbul Through the Ages"
  • Lorenzo Bondioli, History 'G1 - CET Academic Programmes of Tunis: Classical Arabic tailored course, Athens, Tunis, Rome
  • Merle Eisenberg, History 'G3 - Religious identity in Eastern Late Antiquity with studies of ethnic identity in early medieval west, Mt. Menoikeion, Greece, and Southern France
  • Jonathan Henry, Religion 'G1 - Excavation of Legio Vlth Ferrata, Northern Israel
  • Vicky Hioureas, History 'G1 - Language Study:  Paideia Institute program "Living Latin in Rome;" Ancient and Medieval Greek classes in Greece
  • Mark Letteney, Religion 'G1 - Jexreel Valley Regional excavation of the Roman VIth Legion "Ferrata" Castra in Kefar 'Othnay, Language Study in Haifa, attend the XVIIth
  • Lee Mordechai, History 'G4 - Byzantine History:  Tour the Caucasus (Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan), Southern Italy and Sicily, and attend Mt. Menoikeion Seminar, Greece
  • Cecilia Palombo, Near Eastern Studies 'G1 - Summer language course in Classical Arabic, Tunisia
  • Jessica Wright, Classics 'G5 - Participate in the ReMeDHe (Religion, Medicine, Disability, and Health in Late Antiquity) working group session at the XVIIth International Patristics Conference in Oxford